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Sip Smartly 

Welcome to Sip Smartly, I look to explore and create mixed drinks that are questioned at every angle and step. The purpose is not to just provide you with recipes but also to break down every part of a drink's structure so that you can chose to make smart choices in creating your own. I’m here to inspire you to make the most of your drinking journey.

We drink, we make drinks and question everything about said drinks 

So what are you pouring today ?

"Be moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance" - Epicurus 

Feruzan B

Martini on Marble

Feruzan B

Beverage research and Cocktail Innovator

Feruzan is a bartender by profession and is a full time employee at Third Eye Distillery pvt ltd as the "Head of Advocacy Education". She works towards creating cocktail strategies, education material, cocktail recipes and research. 
She works with Stranger & Sons gin, Short Story Spirits, Svami Drinks & Plantation rum (India) and has numerous networks with various bars and restaurant groups  . 


Recipes & Blogs 

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